Why We Are Here

The Center for Imagination is dedicated to connecting you with your innate creativity. As a national creativity collaborative, our day-to-day work includes outreach, public speaking, consulting, and training, and the creation of unique content aimed at helping everyone fulfill the boundless potential of our very own instrument of creativity: the human brain.  We offer tips and tools to increase your personal creativity and engage the imagination, and we link you to current resources that can help solve the problems that so many people encounter in the pursuit of creative action.

Our Vision:

a world where creativity is encouraged and fostered in schools, and where educational institutions and businesses are incubators for imaginative minds;

a world where innovation is propelled by creativity, and where individuals and organizations are able to maximize creative potential to make the world a better place;

a world where every style of learning and productivity is recognized, and where everyone can find fulfillment in their life’s work, putting into action their own ability to imagine it and make it happen.